Red Route

Red Route Stats

Grade: Red - Difficult
Distance: 16Km
Singletrack: 60%
Estimated Time To Ride The Route: 1.5 - 2.5 hrs

Newcastleton's Red route provides fast, narrow singletrack, bridge crossings and boardwalks. The route finishes by taking in the Caddrouns Blue Route, making the overall distance 16km and squeezing in even more tasty singletrack!

The Hidden Valley

A brief forest road climb from the car park takes you to the start of the singletrack trails, and the entrance to the Hidden Valley.


This narrow trail swoops down through the forest with fast, exhilarating descents punctuated by short sharp climbs.


There are plenty of bridges and boardwalks to keep you on your toes and even a black grade raised timber trail line across a pond. The singletrack seems to go on for ever, but eventually you'll pop out on a forest road and the start of the main climb of the route.

The Linns

The long climb up the forest road from Hidden Valley is known as The Linns. After a couple of kilometres, the Border stane pops into view and from here it's just a short pedal to the next section of singletrack - The Bog.

The Bog

From the forest road the trail plummets into dark forest before crossing the Tweeden Burn over a stunning arched laminate bridge which sets you up for a mellow section of boardwalk across the bog. A short, steep climb later and time for a breather at the next forest road.

Dead Man's Quarry Climb

The next singletrack climb starts right away and takes its name from a nearby quarry. It's a steadier climb that lets you find a good rhythm and soon breaks out into a recently felled area of ground. A short but very sweet section of descending singletrack breaks up the climbing, though you are soon round the back of Swarfe Quarry and at the top of one of the finest descents in the forest - Swarfe Hill.

Swarfe Hill

The trail starts fast and swoopy and maintains this feel all the way down, with rock steps and drops as well as occasional jumps keeping the adrenalin flowing. The route pops out at the start of Hidden Valley and heads back towards the trailhead before turning right and following the Caddrouns Blue Route. Look out for Pouter Lampert, one of the best sections of singletrack at Newcastleton - 2km of singletrack bliss - before rejoining the forest road back to the trailhead.

The Trails view grading charts

Visitor Comments

paul walker
a year since ive been. itching to try the "extended" version
Very good downhill sections but we found it hard to find
Richie Jones
An unexpected technically at times fun spin. Not as epic as other 7Stanes routes but still a great ride all the same. It has some great flowy features along the ride and feels wonderfully remote. Well worth trying to squeeze into an itinerary if you can.
stuart douglas
excellent fun,fast and surprising,ended up off piste a couple times due to being caught unawares!,finished with a big grin!
Graeme Howlieson
Done Newcastleton Red Route many times over the years. Great track to get fit in the summer months. Couple of holes need filled in but still a good cycle route. Broke my knee cap there in 2008.
Ian Walters
Me and me bro completed the Red Route in a mighty impressive 3 and a bit hours (That's what happens when trying to haul 300lbs round) Apart from being seriously unfit and not that experienced (Osprey Run at Kielder only prior experience I thoroughly enjoyed it. Only one proper off for myself but that all adds to the experience. Will be back again after trying some of the other sites
A great ride for either an evening or if your passing by, if they could lose the couple of fire roads with singletrack I'd give it a 5star rating. Some fun flowing singletrack and don't miss out the blue that flows like a dream - go ride it and rate it.
Louis Howlieson
Best Track in Newcastleton.
Michael Tiernan
Great track but not for the beginners who think they can go down tracks really fast and not crash...I came off second best after hitting a bolder and breaking my thumb and collar bone....Still was having a great time until then
Darren Dunlop
Totally underated 7Stane. Track condition was great and fast flowing. Well worth the long drive down.
Great trail! Ideal for us to help get to grips with red grade terrain as we're both competent blue graders. Excellent single track and nice and quiet!
Bit short so two laps the order of the day,excellent trails in great condition!
charlie Young
great run round the Red today,Lois and Nathan were superb ,with Arthur the dog setting pace upfront,trail in good nick considering weather
Carl F
Am a frequent visitor due to family nearby. Red route in great condition at the moment - fab fun and worth the visit.
Gav Johnson
Me and my mate used this as a warm up for Glentress the next day. didnt know what to expect and we were both impressed. nothing really hard but definitely had us smiling!
Neil Renwick
Newcastleton has something completely different to offer than GT & Inners. Did the red. Will do both the red & blue next time. Well worth a visit.
well had to do the most local stanes route to me, must admit others are better, very short , middle is boring, start don't flow that well, quarry down is the only decent bit. i must say though i strangely enjoyed the blue section over the red !! go figure.
Darren Royle
Completed Selkirk Mararthon on the Sunday, then Glentress & Innerleithen Last of three 7 STANES Trails we have completed, Enjoyed the route twice round as its a little short, great way to finish the week of riding in Scotland!!! Hot weather ALL week too!!
My first time here 2day easter monday,had heard it wasnt quite up to standard of other 7stanes trails but im in the process of baggin them so gave it a shot,not that technical but fast&enjoyable enough, the start&end sections are the best,a little dull in between though,easily doable in under an hour,toilets,changing area&hose handy but you will need to head into the village if you want a bite to eat or bring something with you,overall worth a visit !
quite short so best to go round twice if you want a longer ride, not the best but I'm bagging them all so had to do it and it's not far from where I live. Nobody there and no real facilities but there was a hose pipe to wash off with.
Tom Allan
Been riding this for a few years now and I always like coming back to it...doing just the red circuit takes about 45 mins so twice round makes for a nice ride. Haven't yet tried the blue route add-on.
Just got back from doing this, red route is reasonable but quite short so did the blue route again after the doing red. Will be going back for a morning ride. 1hr 20 top for red, 40 mins tops for the blue.
I love this place it's a great way to start or finish your week of riding in Scotland.Also a great place to start riding MTB.
had good ride but a section of red trail closed,not too tricky though.
Tom & Arnie (ROAD TRIP 11)
done this yesterday quite easy for a red route but still worth it.
Thoroughly enjoyable red section, from skills section back round to skills section (Only 10Km) missed out the blue section and completed loop twice. More climbing than I anticipated, but some great single track.
blinker watson
Its a good circuit but really short so best to ride it 2 or 3 times non stop then it does seem longer and better
Rode today in the cold (20/1/11) and had a cracking time...the trail is very smooth with few roots and rocks, perfect for those that like the fast non-technical rides. The long forest road uphills are more than made up for by the flowing downhills. Not too sure about the skills area though, seems like an after-thought. Northshore section looks too scary for me.
Hidden Valley and Swarfe Hill more than make up for the less exciting bits, the climbs are all do-able even for a v. average rider like me (and done while knackered after doing mabie the day before!).
ben smith
great fun ma 1st full stane
am 9 years old

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Cafes, hotels and shops in Newcastleton village at/near the trailhead.


Parking is at the Douglas Square trailhead in the centre of Newcastleton village and is free.


Public toilets and showers (free) are just off Douglas Square on Langholm Street, next to the Fire station.

Bike Hire

Bike hire is available from Rock UK at Whithaugh Park, 2.5km from the village trailhead. For details telephone 013873 75394 or email: Website at:

Trail Conditions

Current at 29th August 2014

Trails: All open.

Douglas square in the centre of Newcastleton village is now the start/finish point for all the 7stanes mtb trails (Dykecroft trailhead now closed). 

All mtb routes (Blue and Red) now head from the village across a new bridge over the Liddel Water and climb up through Rock UK’s Outdoor Centre (2 way) then up a new mellow singletrack climb and forest roads to link into the existing trail network.  The return back to the village trailhead includes a super fun new singletrack descent.  Blue Route is now 9.7km, Red Route is now 23.7km. 

Updated trail maps/guides and web/onsite info coming soon. 
The Skills Area is accessed off the Red MTB Route at post 4.
The Purple ‘Linns’ Route (all forest road based) is now closed. 

Conditions: Good.

Diversions: None.

More Info: Contact Alan, the ranger, on 07870 595735.


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