Woodhead Trail

Woodhead Loop Stats

Grade: Blue - Moderate
Distance: 10Km
Singletrack: 25%
Estimated Time To Ride The Route: 1 - 2 hrs

Ready for the next step up? The Woodhead Loop is slightly harder than the Big Views Loop and explores the far side of the forest using quiet forest roads and some easy singletrack.

Following the early part of the green route you climb around the hill behind Marthown of Mabie. A couple of sections of singletrack take you across one road to join the next for an easy spin past Hill Head and the Long Wood before descending to just above Lochanhead.

Fine views behind

Bear left at the road junction to the start of the gradually steepening climb leading over the shoulder to the Dalshinnie Glen. As you climb above the Lochaber Loch, don’t miss the fine views behind you. Cross the watershed and head for the long, easy descent back to the car park.

The Trails view grading charts

Visitor Comments

I guess it depends on what you are expecting, but I found this route really dull. You essentially have a long climb up a fire road and then a decent down a fire road, with a little bit of single track in the middle. Compared to the blue routes at AE and Glentress for example it is not much fun
Bulldawg and Scarface
Pleasant fire road tour if you like that sort of thing, pretty views, tour, great for young kids and novices. The small amount of single track was fun, but a little part of me dies inside when i have to descend on fire road ;-)
Tommy from Leeds
good enough for easy ride,but the last climb ruined it mainly because of the amount of loose gravel that surfaces the road,its more like my garden path.
I'm a 13 year old girl and this was NO bother! I cut off into a more harder trail half way through which made it a bit more exciting. Otherwise I really enjoyed myself today :)
This is easy, not much to get excited over really, but for a casual stroll in the woods, it works
Really enjoyed this trail today. A great confidence builder for a 44 year old new start.
A nice climb through mature trees, followed by two excellent stretches of singletrack boded well. Shame the long section of forestry road at the back end of the trail were so dull. A bit of trailbuilding there would improve it massively.
Im a total novice; bit of a fatty too - this trail, as my first, was ideal. Gave me a real boost of confidence that I can take into the red runs... no good for kids under 11/12.
Jamie Stogden
It's ok, not many features but for a few more miles after finishing something else its fine. Doesn't take long mind 56m after I'd just finished the Red. I had to double check I'd not missed part of it.
Alastair Gilchrist
So much forest road in this I kept thinking it was a green! Come on, guys, let's upgrade blues, ideally to mid-way between red and green.
Took my 9 year old son out on this for his first trail riding. It's a great wee starter and he now wants out more so a success.
Sorry but Blue does not have to be boring the two single track sections prove that. They were great however too many long boring sections on firetrack, my 4 year old was fed up by the end of it he just wanted to go back and do the singletrack.
barry garner
great route would benefit from some practice skinnys on some of the forest roads.
Excellent route - some fantastic single track which is great for a novice - next time I'm going to try and stay on the path though! Trail has everything - a couple of steep hills and an awesome descent at the end! Perfect!
Did this route today with family. Great fun and the wee one loved all the down hill bits and the single track.
Actually a good beginners or family route in a beautiful setting. Only gripe is that it could do with more singletrack sections to spice it up a bit.
scott darroch
great track anfd very well set up for all abilites to use ..very good to give yourself a challenge

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