Phoenix Trail

Phoenix Trail Stats

Grade: Red - Difficult
Distance: 19Km
Singletrack: 80%
Estimated Time To Ride The Route: 1 - 2 hrs

The Mabie Phoenix Trail is a mixed cross-country route in stunning woodland, with natural trails complementing classic 7stanes singletrack.

Butterhole Climb and The Ridge

Riding out of the car park you soon leave the road for an easy lead out through tall, open woodland. As you leave the trees, a sharp left turn and a short rocky snap starts the Butterhole climb. After the stiff initial section, the gradient eases for a while then gets steeper again before two wide sections of raised wooden trail lead on to the Butterhole road.

Follow the road out towards the Butterhole Hill before joining the singletrack climb up towards the start of The Ridge. When you reach the summit enjoy the views and catch your breath before starting the nice flowing descent! Jump, pump, huck and roll your way back down the hill side before re-joining the forest road and heading out towards the Contour Climb.

Contour Climb

Turn right, leaving the road, carry your speed and negotiate a small water splash before a short, rough, twisting climb eases to a narrow traverse spiced with roots and rocks. This in turn leads onto a contouring trail with fine views that eventually turns uphill at the start of Decender Bender.

Descender Bender, The Burn Splash and The Scorpion

Starting as a switchback climb, with the steepest and trickiest bit near the top, you will be ready for the gravity-assisted descent that follows. Watch out for rocky obstacles and a sharp drop off early on before the gradient increases through some tight berms. Crossing the road slows things briefly before more fast, bermed descending and a small water splash.

The next road crossing allows you to carry speed into the Stan’s Pond section that follows, with its fast rolling surface. Soon, after the last of the berms, the trail reverts to “old school” and a rough descent to the Burn Splash - a big one this time, followed by narrow, natural-feeling trail that rears up into the Scorpion, a climb thats a true sting in the tail and a local test piece.

The Roller Coaster

A short section of forest road allows you to recover from The Scorpion before the short climb up to The Roller Coaster. The trail winds and twists upwards, before plunging down in a series of dips and crests on more glorious singletrack. The track is briefly interrupted by the forest road, then you’re back on more of the same, en route to The Elevator.

The Elevator and The Bad Step

Steady climbing at the start with sections of North Shore soon eases, and you eventually contour the side of Marthrown Hill, with a fine view of Dumfries and the hills to the north. With the high point reached, a rapid descent follows, leading to varied going before the Bad Step concentrates the mind. No easy way around this one, so ride it or walk it - the choice is yours.

Rattle 'n' Hum

A short, rooty descent takes you back to that rocky snap at the start of the Butterhole Climb. With tired legs it may seem harder than before, or you may be warmed up by now and find it easier. Either way, don’t continue up the rest of the climb unless you are going round again. Instead, branch left on to Rattle 'n' Hum. It’s smooth to start with but the surfaced trail soon ends and you finish on a narrow trail full of roots and rocks with a final swooping descent back to the start.

The Trails view grading charts

Visitor Comments

Graeme McCart
Awesome place to ride.But very poor facilities
George Whyte
Didn't manage all the red owing to a late start, but what we did was good and woodland sections a lot of fun. Be prepared for an XC day out, not just downhill. Love GT reds but forestry work is making some of it lose its atmosphere. This trail hoepfully has more deciduous woodland so may not suffer same logging fate!
Andy P
Rode the red route - start and finish were great, but the middle section offered little reward for a lot of climbing.
John Codling
Superb flowing route with beautiful views. Disappointing that the cafe, toilet and bike shop were closed on Friday 2pm. Signposting to the start of the route and to the 1st single track section could be clearer
mr blue
had fantastic ride on bike
Barry Brown
not as good as the red at glentress still worth the visit but
sun was shining what a blast the red route is
Paul white
very flowie quick red circuit
joe black
not the hardest route but still worth the visit,but what is with the horse riders on the paths....
really nice track,really enjoyed it on my brand new alivio equipped titanium CARRERA.
nailed the red today,1st time ive ridden non stop around without a break,my full carbon team Apollo did me proud!!!
Russell Jess
Was down at Mabie few weeks before christmas for my first time and really enjoyed it. Going back this weekend to tackle the red route again.. hope its as much or more fun this time round. ****
Went round today 27/12/13, well worth it, there are a lot of trees down but the guys are working hard to keep it clear, which it is as far as Heavens gate after that it requires a little scrambling but still a good ride out!
Bulldawg and Scarface
Cracking red run, lots of single track, some nice techy rock sections, really varied trail. Don't give a trail one star cos you went over the bars!
joanne flynn
Thoroughly enjoyed Mabie, very natural feel to the trail. Descender Bender was superb. I look forward to returning. Only downside was no bike wash available!
This is my 3rd Red route in 5 days. Ran this after Ae and K'tree but this was definitely the tuffest. I'm a German Wirehaired Pointer up on holiday with my folks. They struggled on some of the rockier and rootier sections - 4 paws have more grip than tires I guess! Some excellent downhills, the berms on descender bender were loved by
all 3 of us! Some grim uphills but you gotta get up to get down! Well worth a visit tho!! Gotta rest my paws now tho!
Geebs fae Markinch
Back for the first time in 3 years and have to say this is the worst stane by far. Don't mind brutal climbs, but this trail can't make it's mind to go up or down. You no sooner get the seat down and the sus' on full and 100 yards round the corner you're on another granny ring climb (descender bender excluded which is ace). Gave up dropping my seat and promptly went OTB at the next drop off. Too much of a slog and not enough flow to justify the effort.
Gav Johnson
rode this last week with my mate and enjoyed it. the descender bender is well good! would come back again
descender bender was immense, really fast stay off the brakes the berms are high and will carry your speed. awful lot of climbing on the red route. will try the dark side next trip
Rode here last tuesday. Completed the full route, but disappointed at the final climb, plus the standard of singletrack compared to kirroughtree. Had a good day but would probably not do this route again. Good facilities at the centre though :)
Craig Newton
nice wee circuit did it twice
Rode this last weekend for the 3rd time Fabtastic for a red route, love descender bender, if you are in need of refreshment nip down to Mabie Park Farm and use their cafe...good food
dont normally ride red trails but gave this a try and reckon its pretty good not as hard as i thought,but not easy either,will do it again on my next trip north.
trails were great, but no shop, no cafe, no toilets. please update your website to reflect this
Red route in great condition just now (apart from the amounts of horse muck ... not very nice to have that sprayed up at you!). The sad thing is the shop/hut being closed so often. 2 of the last 3 Saturdays it has been closed on one occasion meaning a wasted trip for some. Things like this might explain why it's so quiet up there! Rating is for facilities.. trail was great fun as usual.
sweet radical awesome
First time round yesterday. ..berms, jumps and a 2mph topple. I will be back and I WILL get over that Bridge in the second half!! Loved every minute.
Fat Boy
Only done this before when iced in the dark, so was good to see the views. Great route but with too many roots for my liking. Really muddy but fun.
Gary&Lynn Parker
This was our first try at a red route after completing all blues over last 5 months. Really enjoyed the red, very testing, but great fun.
Cold wet no front brake!but superb!!!
Mike Paterson
I did the Phoenix last Wednesday 7th during the driving wind and rain. I was freezing, soaked to the skin, covered in mud wet and my feet had gone numb. I had a grin like the Cheshire cat and couldn't have been happier. Great times. I'll be back
Wet and Muddy but awesome as ever!
ian sean jack and stuart
magic route great to ride a must for any mountain biker even if weather poor
Jim Kirkpatrick
First time round the red today and it was fantastic, couldnt stop smiling.... until i came off at the bad step! It didn't put me off though and i'll be back once my new wheels arrive.
LOVED IT, sooooo much better than the red trail at Dalbeattie, even a broken chain and being soaked to the skin couldn't diminish the fun to be had.
Jamie Stogden
Great Red route, nice distance to do a couple of laps. New section is brilliant and after the recent weather the entire route seems to be showing itself as near weather proof. Well done to everybody for their hard work.
Excellent route, really enjoyed it. The berms are fantastic (can you build maybe another 20 and string them together LOL) all told an excellent route and well worth the visit. We WILL be back.
two excellent laps of the red route!
Back for the first time in a while and it keeps getting better. The new section on Decender Bender is great and while the two big berms are the headline act the work on the whole of this section makes a lot the berms so perfect to rail.
Best red route ever! Must go! Loved every bit, the climbs aren't to bad and are rewarded with fantastic decents. Would do it several more times and still not be tired of it.
Ben Eggleston
Went last Sunday and going again this Sunday. This place is All Mountain heaven!
Phil Brown
A very good day out, not very hard and some really fun sections and the option do do black grade stuff for those who want the extra challenge
Great trail, fantastic new decent from Descender bender, girl in the cafe is great by the way.
Short but fast with plenty of escape options to mix and match the route. The Elevator is one of the best descents anywhere IMHO and the changes to the Descender Bender are shaping up well - should be a blast when work's completed.
Jamie Stogden
Great track this and it includes some quite nice climbs too. The diversion is almost unrideable when very wet though. Couldn't disagree more about the girl in the cafe though. She and the chap with her are very nice and welcoming pulling me closer to the fire chatting about the routes and pretty much anything bike related.
Good ride out, some wicked berms to fly round. Agree with paddy tho the girl in the cafe is one grumpy fecker !!! Don't let it put you off tho.
Great trail most of it in the woods unlike Ae with huge forest road sections.
Topper turmoil
Did the Phoenix years ago as one of my first. Very much fun had!. I did get lost once or twice, maybe three times.
Mark Logie
Flowing and fun. Not very technical. Quite varied singletrack, and a good blast. A good beginner's red, though can be taken with a good speed if desired.
First time, great trail, sore legs, longer and harder than expected but well worth it. Amazing.
Fantastic day shame about the torn face girl serving in the cafe though..
Definitely one to visit, done the phoenix trail today, very good, can catch you out easily though!
Undulating, so tiring. Slow off into deep ditch woke me up.
Brian (DK)
An absolute "must go!"
Haven't been mountain biking for over six years so some of the climbs which are incredibly challenging but rewarding had me at my wits end. Superb day out!(WATER SPLASH)
1st time here and it wont be my last great day out some tricky bits that catch you out
Tom & Arnie (road trip 2011)
flowing trail, fast berms,couple of really brutal short climbs,good course.
Newly laid gravel is a nightmare in some sections. Otherwise absolutely blinding! First time, only came off once! Shame it was on a flat and into one of the small ponds. Wet. Oops.
Davie T
Rode this one for the first time in a while, will certainly not leave it as long again. The new sections and repaired berms are amazing. Well worth coming back
Pedro Mc Kay
Mabie rox,the best stane for sure, it seems to be getting quicker and quicker
good trail alot of changes to the toran keps you on your feet or wheels (:
Matt Shaw
Since the descender bender was resurfaced in places i literally crave that trail :)
Absolutely mad, the new berms on the Descender are mint! Will be back.

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