The Twister

The Twister Stats

Grade: Red - Difficult
Distance: 17Km
Singletrack: 80%
Estimated Time To Ride The Route: 1 - 2 hrs

The Twister trail is a 17km-long loop that makes for a physically demanding ride. In places its technical featuring rock steps and drop-offs, but generally the trails are classic cross-country winding downhill rather than plunging, making the most of the height gained on the climbs. Many of the technical features don’t have easy alternative routes round them but can be pushed up or down if needed.


Check out our video of the Twister Trail (4.6Mb) for an idea of what you can expect!

Larg Hill

Starting from the car park at the visitor centre the route climbs on narrow, winding singletrack and short sections of forest road shared with the blue route.


At Larg Hill the blue and red routes diverge as you head onto the first of the more technical red-graded sections. Start by climbing the wooded hillside in a series of short steep snaps before contouring around to the first of the rocky challenges, then finally dropping back onto the road again. Just before the road there's a black-graded option to the left.

The Bruntis

The trail now rejoins the blue route at its highest point. From here, flowing singletrack and a couple of short road sections leads you downwards past the Bruntis Loch with only the odd easy technical feature to interrupt the flow. On reaching the forest drive leave the blue route again and head left for a short road climb to the Anniversary Cairn, a popular view point and picnic spot.


Little Park Doon Hill, Doon Hill & White Witch You’ve completed the first third of the route and the trail now becomes more challenging, switching around Little Park Doon Hill and the Doon Hill with frequent rocky obstacles to negotiate.


Heading into the arms of the White Witch a confident approach will help you clear the granite boulder that blocks the trail, taking you onto even narrower singletrack. After a rolling traverse through leafy woodland the trail exits onto a minor public road just a few metres away from the start of Rivendell.


Enter Rivendell - race the burn downhill and take the bridge, water splash and double berm in quick succession before the final exhilarating rush to the valley bottom.


Now it’s decision time. You can join the 14km Black Craigs loop (black-graded) here to extend your ride or continue on the red route to return down the valley via the Twister.

The Twister

From the bottom of Rivendell continue a short distance on the road before joining the lower section of the Jabberwocky with its swish-swashing turns. A final short road climb leads quickly to the long, sinuous singletrack of The Twister; a grin-inducing, twisting trail with rocky challenges round every corner - rock slab climbs and descents, step-downs, step-ups, steep plunges and steep short climbs.


If that’s not enough, there’s a final rollercoaster ride through majestic Douglas Fir trees, before a short stretch of forest road takes you back to the visitor centre.

The Trails view grading charts

Visitor Comments

Leo (kid)
Did this last week with my new trek and my dad great fun
Enjoyable day riding the red route. Some great single track and knarly rocks to keep you on your toes.
cameron robertson
Nice technical singletrack all the way. Maybe not having the flow (easyness??) of Glentress. You need to be on the ball far more in my opinion.
Richard Vink
Another excellent ride of the red trail, thoroughly satisfying, especially the start (Larg Hill, the Bruntis) that was closed last year. Twister and Last Tango get better each ride. Best thing though was the superb service by the two female Breakpad staff in sorting a few mechanicals - really big thanks you!
Andy P
Rode the Red route. The first 60-70% of the trail was fantastic, but starting from the Twister onwards was more frustrating than fun.
Just doesn't flow as well as other trails. Its kind of fun up to the point where you decide to go left onto Black or right and back to the carpark. The red return is just boring and full of climbs. I love the seven stanes but this place just lacks character.
Rode it for the first time this year having ridden all the region's reds in 2013. We are experienced riders and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, it is not like the other trails but isn't it great that you find something different at each centre. The new visitors centre with all its facilities is stunning; a magnet encouraging bikers, children and families to experience the outdoors. This is a great trail and we will be back next year to do them all again.
Chris Robinson
Excellent Day riding, great trails and so well kept and quiet. Excellent bike shop on site with great advice and support. Go ride and enjoy
Glenn McDonald
we came on Saturday 12th April expecting some of the best and fastest single track in the country but were really disappointed. The Red trial is a good trial for beginners but if you have ridden glentress, innerleithen, Ae or mabie you wont want to return in a hurry. There were a couple of drop offs, and berms but apart from that the trial was pretty featureless. There is very little height gained (150m) which makes for a series of slow and short descents which are unmemorable. We were expecting some fast and flowing trail with lots of features and im afraid to report that it was the exact opposite. Beginners will enjoy it though
Rode 'The Twister' this afternoon ( the joys of annual leave, eh? ) and had an absolute blast. The trail really is a monumental amount of fun.. testing too but nothing that can't be rolled or skipped should you need to. The whole centre is a revelation. Clean, tidy. WOW. Two women casually walking their dog on the final section were VERY lucky tho.. that could have been nasty.
Russell Jess
Down Yesterday, done full Red route for first time since well before xmas.. glad divertions are finished very good run!!****
Russell Jess
Diversions have been there for months now.. was down well before christmas and they were ment to be opening the trail back up on the 29 Dec. Went back down last weekend and the Diversion still there was a bit of a put off. On the upside the new visitor centre looks really nice job well done, will bring alot of custom in the summer. Hope Diversions are off soon its been long enough now. ***
David McCain
Diversions spoiled the start but work has to be done, rest of the Red is great, bit washed out than when we visited 6 year ago, nothing new since I think but what's with the fancy visitor centre and bike shop, all finished, folk said it was opened but not during the week. Waste of money building it if it's only for weekenders, get it open!
Richard Vink
Excellent trail - diversions meant we (my sons 12 and 10, and I) missed the first sections (hence not 5 star) but the Nutcracker and Rivendell superb. Third son did the blue with Helen and thought it brilliant. We'll be back soon!
I ran the red route with my folks, I'm a German Wirehaired Pointer, and we all really enjoyed this route. Very flowing and good grip even in the wet! Very different from other Red routes, enjoyable ups and downs.Phil at the Brake Pad was friendly and helpful. A Top Bolton Lad!
We'll be back!
What can I say Red n Black awesome, I rode around some black stuff but overall wicked fun and tiring after riding two days before. Well worth the trip out. Will return, bike shop really helpful too and the cafe served up a great sandwich and coffee, so all in all a great day out
Great flowing sections with some great technical stuff, I recommend this trail!
Kev Sp
Been out on The Twister this morning - amazing, this week just gets better and better. Quiet today thankfully, wouldn't want to have met a Blue Route rider on Rocky Road, could have been frustrating.

Coming back as soon as I can for more Red Route madness :)
Round twice a week never gets boring always changes :-)
excellent track loved every minute off,best bit about this place i only live 10 minutes away from it.
Easily one of the best Red grade routes out there! Took a mate around it today and now he's hooked too! A nice mix of rewarding, flowing single track that keeps you on your toes :)
Did it on a hardtail in the wet fine, cme off on the white witch and shatterd my gear shifter and bent my steel bars.. Did the remainder of the course in one gear. Awesome place, people and tracks.
johnny sharkey
Did it twice, loved it.cracker spot.
BEST red ever :)
comming for some today!!
First time at Kirroughtree: fantastic ride on Red route. More technical than Glentress, I'd say
tommy dee
Great route, so much fun! All uphill climbs are rewarded with great downhill single track with fine and occasionally complex obstacles (usually those pesky, slippery when wet rocks!)
Technical and interesting. We went out in the wet and there was little room for error on the rocky sections. Would recommend going when it's dry as many of the trails are incredibly tricky on a hard tail in the wet. A good challenge but not as fun as the others.
Loved this trail so much! Stopped off on our way back to Bristol. So glad we did. Wanted to go round again, but didn't have time. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into making these trails excellent!
Best 7stane track by far :) the white witch is amazing!
awesome trail, I loved it so much
Big Gee
Loved it! Regular visitor to Glentress, but this is my favourite red away from home. Attack it confidently and it's rewarding!
Rode here, mabie and glentress over the past 3 days, and enjoyed this by far the single track is awesome, the black is hard and tiring but the whole experience was fantastic! Problem is I'm forever going to be comparing my local riding to the standard set here! Good excuse to come back :-)
Singletrack never gets old… and Kirroughtree has plenty of it.
A brilliant route, not technical but fun and fast, well done to the trail builders!
i love it
I LOVE THIS PLACE !! this is by far my favorite ive still to do glentress and iv heard thats good but i will b back here asap,this place just flows and you can fly in the down hill sections, i did it in the rain on a rotten day but that was forgotten about in the first down hill big smiles here !!! excellent..........
Mark Logie
Not a technical trail, but a great, fun blast through the forest. A good laugh, and good for newbies to reds.
Lisa Metcalfe
Just had a fantastic week riding the Stanes. Our 11 and 12 year old both rode the Twister and Black Craigs. They loved it despite the rain and slippy rocks. Family ranking for the Stanes puts Kirroughtree top of the list, followed by Ae then Dalbeattie. (Some disagreement over 3rd place as the maniac 12yr old likes all the technical bits on Dalbeattie). We'll be back for more, and Kirroughtree will be top slot.
Ha I now know why one of the sections are called the nut cracker I learned the hard way but great day.
Superb week of energy sapping fun. The track coped with the heavy rain a lot better than I did. You wont be disappointed Blue, Red or Black.
Very very flowing, even the ups. Well worth the effort, you don't need to do the black extension.
Too much mixed ascent and descent with trails that did not flow punctuated by frustring obstacles. A few sections shone but generally a disappointment.
Red Afro
Ride it fast and aggressively and you be rewarded with the best single track the 7stanes has to offer... what a fantastic place!!
going back down this weekend, can't wait to hit the trails, hopefully this time i don't go through so many inner tubes, went thru 3 inner tubes last time
stuart fae Dumfries
headin up the twister the day for the 1st time, I've done the mabie, Ae and Dalbeatie plenty lookin forward to it!!!
Tom & Arnie (road trip 2011)
our last red route,its a good blast,not too technical but well worth a visit.
our WINNER without a doubt is DALBEATTIE,then Innerlethen,then Mabie,then Glentress and Kirrotree,then Newcastleton,and last place is Ae.
My favourite of all the Stanes, granted I haven't done Glentress or Newcastleton. I would do the black run once to say you've done it. However the red is a legend. At the campsite other MTB'ers were their, one said he'd marry Kirroughtree. I like to have a dirty weekend with her once in a while.
big craw fae girvan
I love kirroughtree, been loadsa times and the red run is my favorite, only time theres ever too much surface water if theres been heavy rain that day, otherwise trails are always dry. some good fast downhills mixed with more technical stuff makes the red run an awesome day oot!
neil conlay
Been down 4 times now and it gets better and better everytime, take care on your first time though as there is a few technical parts that come up so fast but I'm addicted ;)
Scott Seddon
First time at the 7 stanes and my word this was a blast. It rained 75% of the day but it was still by far the best I've riden. Will certainly be back in the dry to burn more rubber :) Dalbeattie Mabie and Ae next!!
John from Ayr
Ridden this trail loads of times, still great singletrack, wasn't raining when I was there last but lots of surface water on trail, spoils it a bit, the red is still a blast thou.
Old Git
I love Kirroughtree! This trail has got to be the best in the UK, it just flows so well. Well worth the ride up from North Yorkshire, even though it was well wet!
Colin Renny
Done it at weekend, good single track but way too many puddles, get it sorted or it will be another glentress, would have been 5stars but for the amount of water splashes...
Moderator: Sorry to hear it was a bit wet for you Colin, hopefully the sun will be shining next time you visit!
Stunning trail, definitely the best trail ever, you get me?
Stu Bartley
Best trail center by far, makes Dalby and Llandegla look average, cany wait to get back there.

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