Moyle Hill Trail

Moyle Hill Trail Stats

Grade: Blue - Moderate
Distance: 14Km
Singletrack: 40%
Estimated Time To Ride The Route: 2 - 3 hrs

The blue-graded Moyle Hill route is a good introduction to riding 7stanes singletrack - and to the granite rock that gives Dalbeattie a character all of its own offering some cracking views and fun riding.

Crushed Rock and Timber Trail

The trail starts out through the skills area and you'll find your tyres are immediately crunching on the local crushed rock. Take the easy line through the harder red & black grade options before joining up with the red route for the long, straightforward sections of raised timber trail that take you across the bogs of Richorn Plantation.

The Moyle Hill climb

Exiting onto a forest road you now climb steadily around the side of the Moyle Hill to a welcome rest at the high point. A bench seat provides the perfect excuse to have a breather and soak up the view of the Urr estuary and the hills beyond.


Back on the bike and a short fast road descent leads to a section of fast-flowing singletrack that eventually spits you back out on to the road again near the bottom of the hill at Barnbarroch. Another steady climb takes you around the fringe of the forest before easing off to take you on a loop into the middle of the forest and the open marshland of the 'Dry Loch'.

Cloak Hill

A very sweet section of trail now follows with a few small rocky and rooty sections thrown in, before more easy forest road and singletrack take you around Cloak Hill to meet the outward route at the start of the first climb. Heading back down the road leads to the final flowing section of trail around Volunteer Ridge and back to the trail head - a fitting end to this fun-filled ride.

The Trails view grading charts

Visitor Comments

3 times round the blue taster lap before I figured out the main blue trail.Being a trail beginner i puffed and panted up the ascents but let rip through some of the most exciting trails ever and took it easy on the small ascents just need more practice will definitely be back very soon.However being severely colour blind I got a bit lost it could do with being a bit easy to understand anyway I bloody loved it and at 52yrs old it wasn't that strenuous.
My 15 yr old was fine on this route, but if you're 50 and a tad(!) overweight, then I'd stick to the green trail. I was told there was an incline! Yeah, right, there are quite a few hills which were too much for me. The best bits were through the forest trails and one section through land which had been cleared so was open, with challenges. There's also a 'boardwalk' section over a boggy area, which I didn't like, but that's just me. At least I can say I did it!
phil gray
First time at a trail centre, was very wet and windy so only did a few laps of the taster route, some good single track, not too challenging but great fun, hope to come back and try the red route
phil gray
First time at a trail centre, very wet day, tried out the skills area and did 3 circuits of the taster loop, some good single track, look forward to coming back and trying the red route
First time at any of the 7 Stanes centres, was a wet and windy day so only did the skills course and 3 laps of the taster route, really enjoyed the single track bits, would like to come back in better weather when I have more time to try the red route.
Really disappointing as there seemed to be very little single track sections and felt more like a bike along country tracks, my 7 year old wasn't impressed with the many uphill sections. Lots of loose gravel and a whole heap of mud that has been left from the forestry work (oh and we had to dodge some heavy machinery too on a Saturday afternoon!)
We will go back and do the red but not the blue again
This used to be a really lovely route - the current diversion is awful - avoid until it's finished. All the best singletrack on this route is not in use because of the diversion !
Totally agree with Simon's comments above - this used to be a lovely route and the diversion currently in place is awful
yeah skills area and start of route well good,but must agree with comments below about stones used for the new surfacing on the forest road,its totally unsuitable for use as a cycle path and out of our group of twelve,5 puctured on this section and said they would not visit again,shame as its a nice route.
craig hardie
first visit today good skills area blue routes not bad shame about the diversion half way round the alternative route was more like a black climb than a blue however got their in end
Gavin Matier
Completely agree with Simon's comments. We entered at the Colvend section into the redressed tracks. The diversion is ridiculous and the stone used on the tracks ruins the ride. Overall though we as a group of four (two adults & two teenagers enjoyed the ride, especially the single track bits, of which there needs to be more!
Simon Crookes
This used to be an excellent route, but the section from post 43 up to the Hyper Link has recently been completely ruined by very poor quality resurfacing. The surfacing stone is not fit for purpose and is all but unrideable. This section needs a topdressing of more suitable material. The current diversion from post 38 is just ridiculous! I wouldn't bother with this route until all the above has been addressed.
Dave L
Completed blue route last weekend, enjoyable, but not enough singletrack for me
Liam & Gemma
Ended up doing the taster loop 3 times. Highly recommended!! Signs for the Moyle hill loop weren't the easiest to follow though :(
James Miodonski
This is exactly what a Blue route should be, really nice way to spend an hour or so without having to be 'on it' all the time like a Red. Great little run, probably the best of the Stanes Blues.
Alice, Billy and Mum
Loved the taster loop so much that we did it twice. The singletrack bits are brilliant, especially the end!!!! Overall: AWESOME!!!!!!
Jamie Stogden
Yeh, it's definitely 90 minutes max. Long climbs aren't very interesting but some nice singletrack sections that are shared with Red break them up nicely. Taster trail is awesome though, just do laps of that :)
Rebecca may
Awesome ride. Needs more signs to show u the way though.
Really nice trail. It's true you don't need 2 hours though. If you're reasonably fit you'll manage it in about an hour.
Jim Stevenson
Introduced my father-in-law to MTB with this route. We had a blast. Great route, great weather, great day all-round. Dalbeattie matches Kirry for riding in my opinion but let down by lack on-site facilities. Needs a cafe and toliets.
N.Ireland nigel
Our family was over last week on hols. The tracks are class.
Absolutely brill
Really great trail with a good mix of smoother and rocky singletrack. Did it with my partner and 3 kids who all enjoyed it. With some careful map reading we managed to cut out a section of fire road and shorten it by about 3k to make it easier on the kids.
Brilliant, a really interesting trail. You don't need 2hrs though.
A great trail, this was my first mountain biking trail and i must say i thouroughly enjoyed it. There is one backbreaking, killer hill at the start but once conquered it is all pretty much downhill and obstacles! Great fun greatly recomended!!!
Not done much of this up until now ... great fun and can be completed with a hybrid bike

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