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Mountain Biking - The Business Context

Mountain biking (MTB) is a popular and growing sport in the UK, with an estimated 5.5m bikers. Scotland was awarded 'Global Superstar' status by the International Mountain Biking Association in 2006, with 7stanes playing a key part in the country gaining this reputation.

The 7stanes is a partnership project started in 2001 (for partner details see the who we are page) which recently finished its third phase (2008 – 2011). The emphasis of phase three was to identify a long term sustainable strategy for funding the promotion of the 7stanes trail centres.

Forestry Commission Scotland is committed to undertaking the management and maintenance of the trails however, the public sector support for the promotion o f the centres is reaching its end. That is why we have set up the new 7stanes Mountain Biking Community Interest Company (CIC).

The CIC is a not for profit company and has a Board comprising public and 6 private sector representatives from local tourism businesses. The company’s aim is to secure new funding streams to allow the continuation of the marketing of the 7stanes to benefit all the local tourism operators.

Why Is This Important?

The 7stanes bring 400,000 visitors to the south of Scotland who generate over £9million net additional spend per annum to the local economy. See the following for an evaluation of phase two.

Many local businesses have benefitted from this increase in visitor numbers, from bike hire businesses to guides and coaches, through to accommodation providers and food and drink outlets.

What Can We Do For You?

Our remit is to get more visitors to come to the south of Scotland to enjoy the 7stanes and we want to work with local businesses to ensure visitors have a great stay and spread the word.

We will be undertaking the following:

  • Managing and maintaining the new dedicated 7stanes web site
  • Production and circulation of 7stanes marketing literature
  • Attendance at trade shows (Scottish Bike Show 16 / 17 April)
  • Working with 3 local business groups on joint promotion and activity
  • PR activity, familiarisation visits
  • Development of 7stanes merchandise to widen the promotion of the 7stanes brand
  • Providing information to local businesses on the 7stanes which can be passed to their customers

Materials For Your Website

We can provide you with brief text, and the official 7stanes logo.

Photographic images of people using the 7stanes can be downloaded from the FCS photo library if you are keen to raise awareness of the attractions of riding the 7stanes and/or to add an extra dimension to your business's web site.

Please note that there are some conditions attached to the use of the logo.

In addition there are RSS feeds available which can be used to embed the latest 7stanes news and trail conditions into your website (see the 7stanes RSS feeds for more details). You can also embed our Twitter feed on your site and you might want to link to Our Blog.

There is also a useful interactive map available on Google Maps which you can link to or embed in your site.

Can I Use What's On The 7Stanes Site?

The 7stanes is a registered trade mark and all text and images on the 7stanes website are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission, which is why we've put together a package of text and a link to available images for you to use on your own site.

You are of course free to provide your own! If you have any questions regarding the use of text, images or maps on this site, please contact info@7stanesmountainbiking.com.

How To Get The Resources

Fill in the business interest form

Once you've submitted your form, we'll provide you with the materials you have requested by email.

What Can You Do For Us?

Over the next two years the company will be working closely with businesses to implement a range of fundraising initiatives from the sale of branded 7stanes merchandising to visitor payback schemes (where we encourage visitors who have enjoyed their visit to put something back).

Our staff may be in touch through the enewsletter or by email or phone to encourage businesses to work with us on these projects.

For PR opportunities of press familiarisation visits we will be looking for interested businesses to participate. We look forward to working with you to make the 7stanes sustainable.

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