Ae Line

Ae Line Trail Stats

Grade: Red - Difficult
Distance: 24Km
Singletrack: 65%
Estimated Time To Ride The Route: 1.5 - 3 hrs

The cross-country Ae Line owes something to the downhill side of the sport.


Much work has been done over the recent years to add new section of trail and significantly improve some of the older sections.  This work is ongoing, however, two new sections were added in 2012/13 at post 20 and 23.


The trail takes you high up the side of a valley before dropping back down again. The series of jumps, drop-offs and tabletops that come towards the end are guaranteed to put a smile on any mountain biker’s face.


The trail is also suitable for less experienced riders if ridden with more caution and less speed – all the jumps and drop-offs can be rolled except for one, which can be ridden around. Be aware though that some of the big berms are intimidating to the inexperienced and the trail surface is very rough in places. For the more advanced mountain biker, meanwhile, there are big air possibilities, especially towards the end.

Rab's Slippy One and Green Hill

Starting from the forest car park, head to the opening section of singletrack, known as Rab’s Slippy One. This is a climb that winds gently up through the forest, meandering tightly through the trees via a series of hairpins. As climbs go, it’s a pleasure to ride.


Undulating singletrack leads you on round the flanks of Green Hill and as you break out of the trees, the ride becomes more challenging, with the first of the steep turning climbs and full-on descents that typify the route. The trail continues upwards on forest roads before joining more singletrack at Granny Green Love.

Granny Green Love

Starting tight and twisty on a very rough stony surface, the trail soon opens up, the gradient increases and you hit the first of the table tops that just get bigger and bigger. Cross the forest road and descend through some huge berms - easier than they look - and down a final, loose rocky chute to the narrow bridge over the river, heading towards The Face.

The Face

The tempo changes dramatically as you start the testing climb on the other side of the river crossing. There’s no chance of carrying speed here, as it starts steep and rocky with some very tight turns. Things ease slightly in the middle section, before a final steep snap leads you gasping out onto the open hill. There’s some respite downhill before a better chance to recover (and regroup) for a short spell on contouring forest road.

Bran Burn Bash

A rough, rather awkward climb leads away from the forest road, but don't despair, as the trail soon turns downhill at Bran Burn Bash in an exciting sequence of crests and turns before eventually spitting you back out on to the road with a smile on your face. After a steep forest road climb the trail seperates into black and red grade sections.  The black grade, which will include the exciting North Shore section, will open once the windfarm construction is completed.  This is an option line, when open, joins back into the red at post 32.  Follow the new section on the red route, which includes features such as tabletops, berms, various pumps and bumps. You will eventually rejoin at 'The Edge'.  Take care!  

The Edge

As you enter, a new section now forms the start of the Edge.  The first section leads you across to the top of a small traverse, leading you to the main descent, from here it's all smiles and giggles with berms, tabletops etc. but take care on a windy day from sidewinds on jumps.  This section eventually brings you out across the river on a short climb, taking you to Nil Desperandum.

Nil Desperandum

An epic climb for over a mile with 22 switchbacks.  Although this is a long climb, the gradients are nice and easy, then a short climb along a forest road leads you to the Omega Man.

Omega Man

The challenges of this final section demand that you keep your attention focused on the trail ahead as you claw your way around the hillside to gain the jumps and berms leading to the final thrilling decent: a white knuckle ride of step-downs, singles, doubles and tabletops that's as fast (or slow) as you want to make it, with a black-graded option to the left half way down. Either way, you have the choice of the skinny log ride (black grade) or curving but not-too-narrow timber trail (suitable for most riders) that lands you right back at the start.


Warning!  Although there is a push path running parallel to the final descent on the Omega Man, please beware of riders pushing back up the trail on this final section, as some of the jumps have blind spots. If it's your first visit take it easy on the step-downs and jumps and be prepared to roll or ride round anything you don't feel up to.

The Trails view grading charts

Granny Green Love

Granny Green Love on the Ae Red Line - Thanks to Robert Smith for this video!

Visitor Comments

Paul Digard
Loved it - challenging and varied terrain. And the stove in the cafe was great too :-)
Past month have done the reds at Mabie,Kirroughtree, Dalbeattie and Ae and liked Ae Line the best. For an old time MTBiker just starting on technical singletrack , the linking of many berms and jumps and drop offs make it easy to improve and really enjoyed last bit of Omega Man.
Me and dad found that its easy to get to and the trials and are some of the best we've ridden
Second time here! Did the red twice on friday morning, still as good as ever! Something for everone. must not forget the great Cafe!!
A great way to finish our four days of riding. Plenty of variety and challenge. It was good to see the fine cafe giving excellent service. Well done. The boys will be back again in 2015.
Please dont motorway anymore sections of the trail. I appreciate that the trail needs weather proofing but come on. What's a brother got to do to get a feature added too ?.
Rode this yesterday for the first time. Brutally hard work but great fun. I will be back when I'm a bit fitter.
I do agree that the new section is just one long, painful grind with little in the way of features though.
Grant Connor (Big G)
As an experienced bikerer, i thought that this slop was gr8 because of the trees which make you scared incase you biking into them. My speshalized-works S whicch i got from Home Bargains in gala held the track nice. I neveer fell off at all, obviously, apart from a couple of times on the down hill bit and once or two times on the uphil track. Thanks i recomend this totaly rad ride. Thanks.
Big G
First time around since the wind farm changes all in all a shame I think especially losing that epic section of North Shore. Hopefully Salmonds quest will come to an end now Westminster have stopped his open ended funding!
I ran this red route yesterday. I'm a German Wirehaired Pointer. I loved every minute of it! My folks couldn't keep up with me but they loved every minute of it. Some tuff ups, some awesome downs and great views all round. Swingball at the end too! Highly recommended!
Geebs fae Markinch
Did this trail a couple years ago on a boneshaker from the bike shop, what a difference on my own full sus'. Tend to agree with the previous comment tho' regarding smooth path-like new sections (memo to Eck Salmond, we hate windfarms)Brutally tough physically after Mabie in the morning but the original descents are still magic.Good, good, shame I'm 120 miles away.
What are they doing to Ae Forest? Used to be one of my favourite centres but very time they add some new track the trail builders just seem to use clinical compacted gravel (and the newest section round the wind farm also cuts the distance down by about 4km, making the trail over far too quickly). Most people come to Scotland to ride the amazing natural trails they can offer, not sanitised track with a distinct "blue" feeling.
The result is now a trail centre with a 5 star beginning and an out of this world ending, but with a tinge of disappointment wedged in between.
Brilliant trail, Well worth the 3 hours drive to get there! well signed and varied route. Had a fantastic day even with 50mile winds and driving rain.. A1
Although the scenery is superb,and many of the individual sections are great fun, with excellent exposure in places, we found that on balance it was just too rocky. I don't mean a few bits of stone sticking up - really rocky, uncomfortable, not fun. Perhaps too much of a downhill-inspired track for us. And a lot of forest track for a red run?
A trail with a lot of variety, lots of flow and plenty climbing. Good sense of wilderness up by the wind farm. Of the four trails we visited this was the only one with visitor facilities; an open cafe. A great end to four days of riding.
Anthony Chesshire
Great day on the trail today. The cafe has reopened today too, so enjoyed a good snack after our ride.
Martin scott
Great day on the red, weather was terrible but just added to the fun, found it hard as I have just started red routes but highly recommend it, get on it and shake your bones folks :-)
Great trail. Good mix of terrains and the more challenging bits were still do-able for us learners. Need to be fairly fit, but a rewarding run and well worth the effort.
Gary & Lynn Parker
Fantastic scenery. Very tired after completing this. If your scared of heights take care at "the edge"
Alex Baird
Some brutal climbs and rough trails but worth it for Bran Burn Bash and The Edge. Both really enjoyable.
Great flow,technical in bits but all in all phenomenal!
First visit a struggle - due to lack of fitness - but very satisfying to complete. Techy bits challenging but should be rideable by even those new to Red Trails (with a bit of practice). Good flow.
Great ride, enjoyed by the whole family. New section through through Bran Burn Bash was brilliant. Can't wait to come back. a long ride for an 8 year old but he still wanted to walk back up to repeat the downhill at the end!
As brutal as ever today, but a great ride out and the trail is holding up well even though it has been very wet!
Awsome track (red) I love the the table tops
Mark Mc
Rode the Ae Line for first time last weekend. Great trail. Yes, some parts are pretty chewed so watch your front wheel! The first descent on "Face" was a superb technical part before the tough climb out the other side. "Edge" is a great natural section with the big drop to the left side. "Omega Man" is a rewarding finish to the trail with a nice Black option with double topped hump to clear. I didn't have the nerve for the narrow log section right at the end! Next time maybe?
Keep up the good work on re-surfacing this trail. Needs it!
Viktor Magnusson
Amazing trail! I like the fact that it combines the feeling of man-made trails with the feeling of natural trails.
Still great fun but please don't smooth out any more sections, Bran Burn Bash used to be one of my favourite sections of all the 7stanes but now it's pretty much the same as any other trail. Last time I was on The Edge I went over the handlebars and landed at the edge of the slope to the burn, it was great to have something that's still a bit of a technical challenge with a bit of a sting if you get it wrong.
Mark D
Had a great day, found that some sections don't flow too well, but overall a decent trail, (some of the cobbles can shake the hell out of a non suspender and your wrists)
Did red today at ae for first time in ages. Took my dog proper biking for the first time aswell. In short, a triumph!
Love it! Also the quickest stane to get to for me aswell. Yossss! I'll be back more often I think...
Steven Hall
I love Ae XC. It's for people who like pedal in their bottom bracket as opposed to those that would be better off with BMX pegs placed there. :0P
Phil Brown
This is a brilliant course, the surface adds a extra chalange, also it is fairly easy to dip in and out of. Will certainally be back again to do the full thing
Ed Ritchie
I've ridden 6 of the 7 stanes and this is by far my favorite! There are so many amazing fast flowing descents here - my favourite would have to be the omega man but the downhill before waymarker 17 is equally as fun but the best thing about Ae is how they manage to make most of the ascents fun as well ? Sweet stuff
C'mon folks! I'm relatively new to the sport but the last thing I want to see is a manicured surface at every trail centre. I like Ae for the reasons some of the doubters don't - it's difficult in places and tests your engine as much as your mettle. True, I welcome the changes to the Bash as I felt the 'cobbles' took too much flow out of the section, but it certainly doesn't detract from the route as a whole.
The 7Stanes works well because all of the trails are unique in their own way - let's keep it that way. ;)
Please Please dont do any more of the resurfacing thats been done to bran burn bash, one of the things we love about Ae is that its as rough as a tramps dog in all the right places.
another great lap today in the wet, was going for a second till my rear tyre split and tube popped, oh well .... till next time
Ivonne Tapu
Rather interseting trail this one is, however, there is a distinctive lack of woodland animals. I would like this to be amended as soon as possible.
Good ride out here, fair distance so was pleased with that and the last decent was cracking, good shop and cafe and the guys in there love to chat about bikes and the stanes, so good all round
nigel mckinnon
I live local and have done all the 7 stanes, I'm up the AE on average twice a week and think it's the best with all you want on a red run. Big ups and downs, got it down to 1hr 21min but iI think with new work on bran burn bash 2-3min could be cut. Will give it a go when Tally is finished.
PS. the uplift days are great, these are for any level as the shredder offers smooth fast or slow riding so all you guys from down south, get yourself up for a great weekend.
Tam,Liam, Frank, Nigey, Pete you are all spot on with your comments.
Nigel Frank and Liam just about sum it up for me although I quite enjoy the chute down to the first bridge as long as I'm feeling brave enough to stick to the rocky left side & keep the momentum up. Did the route twice last week in the dry on Wed and in the rain on Sunday. Just as much grip in the wet and knowing the cafe was open helped me get round that little bit faster.
Agree with Liam below. Thanks to those who have worked hard on the improvements - makes the trail even better. Hope the stone chute down to the first bridge can be sorted too - to me it is more akin to black level than red.
This trail is one of my top four rides in Britain. For the all mountain rider it has most things you need to advance your riding skills. Good climbs, fast flowing singletrack and if you take on the omega man and shredder. Please tell me if there's a better end to a trail anywhere?
Liam Soden
Ae has the most understated red route of all the centers. However, in my opinion one of the best. Ae hurts you, knocks you, rattles you and really tests your skill. It sends you down fast and then sends you up a cliff face! However at the end you really feel you have been out on an epic. XC it isn't, no idea where that comes from! A mini AM trail is how I'd describe it.

Love it!
Each Stane has its own well documented features, strengths and weaknesses. Ae will never be a Glentress but has it's own style, challenges and rewards. At 24K and with more XC than some of the other stanes it is quite different but, in my opinion, well worth coming to. For what it's worth, the trails are requiring some planned maintenance. FAO Jim Stevenson: Ae is a tough red, I'd suggest Mabie as an ideal 1st red of the 7 Stanes.
Jim Stevenson
Tried Ae Line as my first ever red route and found it pretty tough. Had only done blues with my kids up to that point. Got round ok but knackered. Any thoughts as to ideal first 7Stanes red route?
Brian (DK)
Was back yesterday in dry sunny weather. F....!!
Only one thing to say about that: You lucky b******* ;-)
Chris Porteous
After GT, this was a proper let down. It doesnt flow at all and just when you start to have fun, you can almost guarantee there will be an uphill round the next corner to kill your speed! The last descent is quite good fun, especially the Berm'y bit, but to be honest, I had lost the will to live by that point! If you are a machine of an XC racer, you might enjoy this centre I suppose...
Wonderful trail. Don't know why people think it's so poor. I did it at dusk yesterday, had the place to myself and loved every minute of it despite breaking my chain half way around (that was a worrying moment). Omega Man is defitely grin inducing as advertised!
Great trail! Good mix of man made and natural feel. Solid work out for XC riders.
Geebs fae Markinch
My last of the 7-stanes, and jeezo was it the hardest. So full on all the way felt like you're just getting round rather than riding it. This seems nearer black than red grade, but a great challenge and glad I've done it. Back to Innerleithen for me tho.
Great trail, rough and ready without as much of the man made feel as some other stane trails, a decent cross country ride with some hard climbs and fun downhill.
If your just out to look good (all the gear and no idea) give this one a miss ;)
Paisley Paul
compaired to all other uk centres this is a really poor cousin,needs a bit of upgrading to make it better,sorry but it is rubbish overall,only built with last 1km for freeriders in mind i think.
Brian (DK)
Very nice!!!!
Only thing missing, was dry weather :-( But I will be in the area for most of the summer. (can´t wait to go again under dry conditions)
Tom & Arnie (road trip 2011)
the welsh boys trip continues, not really keen on this one thou.
Very much the Marmite of the stanes love it or hate it no in between. attack it hard and and its amazing and gives you the momentum to take t he sting out of alot of the climbs
Not the best of the stanes to be honest, only worth it for Granny Green Love and the Omega Man. Having said that did it with a cracking hangover and my riding partner was sick in his own shoe.

Moderator - James, congratulations for providing us with the funniest trail review on our site :)
Excellent. A thorough workout, thoroughly enjoyed. Good variation of trail. will definitely be visiting again and again.
Ae is quite different to the rest of the Stanes, but at the halfway point there is no easy way back, so it focuses the mind and is really like a proper xc journey. Some great sections, ignore the doubters, I love it.
Billy Mac
Nowhere near as good as any other 7stanes
First time I've ridden this route, must be honest and say I won't ride it again.
Fantastic Red Route. We use Newcastleton alot but Ae is awesome.
I dont like this one at all, there is no flow most of the way round, it's only the last mile of the 15mile route when it goes downhill does it flow, it's third rate compared to the other stanes.
Rode this route today was fantastic, enjoyed Granny Green Love and the final downhill to the car park. Fantastic.
Back and its different again. the last section is great while the edge done at speed is unbeleavably good if you get it right.
Martin Richardson
Call me boring but I keep going back,as I reckon I can improve skills and fitness each time,being just an average mtb,er
for me the good parts were v.good. but for the the amount of slogs uphill, the downhill part of the red where not worth it. i can see there is continual development on the track but i didnt enjoy it overall. sorry

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